Casual Passes





Don’t waste your time walking after rebounds. Get up more shots in less time with our shooting machines.



Use the Homecourt app to track your stats and see them in real time on the TV above your rim.



Use the follow-the-leader workouts, or the interactive Lazer machine to challenge your ball handling abilities.

How it works

What does it include?

  • A casual pass allows you access to the facility for a single entry. You can use the shooting machine, dribbling cages and play any pickup that may occur at the time you are in.

  • Shooting on the gun is 30 mins, ball handling is 30mins, and additional use beyond this is allowed if there is availability (as directed by AUSA Facility staff).

Why a casual pass?

  • The casual pass is designed for people who live outside of a reasonable driving distance to the facility. Some players outside the area still become members, but we have designed this pass to encourage people from outside the area to attend every now and then.

  • Players inside the local area pay a local rate as we would like to encourage them to save some money and become a member of the facility.

Should I book in? Do I just show up?

  • You can just show up, but we can’t guarantee there will be availability for you.

  • The best way to go is to call ahead, you can book in a time to make sure it is available for you. Call Mahesh, the facility manager, on 0444 596 731. You can also text him.

  • When you arrive at the facility, you will be booked in and pay at the Front Desk.

We have 3 different Casual Pass rates:

  • Local Casual Pass (live withing 8 km of the facility)

  • Non-Local Casual Pass (live outside 8km of the facility)

  • Pickup (only to attend a pickup run)

What are the prices for a single entry?

  • Local Casual Pass = $30

  • Non-Local Casual Pass = $20

When can I use a casual pass?

  • You will only be able to use a casual pass during staffed hours, and only if members have not booked out the facilities for their own use.

  • Currently our staffed hours are:

    • Monday 4pm-8pm

    • Tuesday 4pm-8pm

    • Wednesday 4pm-8pm

    • Thursday 4pm-8pm

    • Friday 4pm-8pm

    • Saturday 12pm-5pm

    • Sunday 3pm-8pm


Local AREA Map

The Local Area is an 8 km radius (roughly 20 min drive).

If you live within the 8 km radius, you will need to pay the Local Area Casual Pass rate ($30).

This 8 km radius is roughly from St Ives to Gordon to Eastwood to Castle Hill to Dural to Mount Colah.