Weekly Classes

These classes are one of the various programs we have at the AUSA basketball training facility.
We currently offer classes for players from Year 4 to Year 12.
Classes are for beginners to advanced players and are grouped accordingly.


Who Can Attend

If you want to play basketball, we have a class for you. Come along to a free session and we will get you into a group that fits your level and needs. These classes are designed for everyone from local comp to rep level players.

If the level of the session isn’t quite right for you, we can move you into the right one during the term.


17 Sefton Rd, Thornleigh
(just around the corner from the Brickpit Stadium)

We are located inside Tempus Gym, which sits on the level above North Shore Timber. Just drive up the ramp when you arrive and you will see the entry to the gym.


Register for the Term:
Only $14 per session

Attend class-by-class:
Only $22 per session


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Term 1 Class Times

Monday | 4pm: Year 4-6
Monday | 5pm: Year 5-8

Wednesday | 4pm: Year 8-12 (local level)
Wednesday | 5pm: Year 8-12 (rep level)

Friday | 4pm: Year 4-6
Friday | 5pm: Year 5-8

Sunday | 5:30pm-7:30pm: Yr 9+ Elite Session (invitation-only)


Classes will run each term on the public school calendar.

Term 1:

  • Classes start: February 25th

  • Classes end: April 12th

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