Court Hire for Teams

So, you and your mates play local comp and you have nowhere to practice? We can help!


Our court hire setup is as follows:

  1. The court is hired by school term and must hired for the entire term.

  2. Hire is for a half-court.

  3. Each team needs to nominate a manager who is responsible for the entry swipe

  4. Court hire fee is $60/hr

  5. Payment is required upfront with a $200 deposit


  1. In most circumstance we can provide coaches for teams.

  2. Coaches must be hired for the school term. They can be hired for just practice, or for games and practice.

  3. Coaching fee is $80/hr



  1. We do not hire out on a one-use basis. You must hire for the length of the term

  2. To hire the court, you must be a team

  3. You must do a team practice in the facility. Individual skills sessions are not allowed to be run by non-AUSA Facility coaches.

  4. AUSA reserves the right to deny any team, or end the court hire agreement at any time.


Organise Court Hire For Your Team

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